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“We do what we do to live the life we LOVE

– Larry Salerno, Family Heritage Agency Owner

Learn more from the bio videos below about the incredible life changing opportunity of working with Zeal Financial Group.


Most people aspire to have the freedom of running their own business, but lack the capital to get it started and struggle with an idea that will be profitable. At Zeal each individual has the opportunity to run a business from day one and through our career track you can own and operate your own agency.

Ryan’s Story
Brian’s Story

Building Wealth

We provide our family of professionals with a lifetime earnings opportunity, an exciting concept unique to our business. Each policy/certificate sold pays a renewal commission each year the policy/certificate remains in force, beginning in the second year. The cumulative effect of each year’s renewal provides wealth-building power and once vested, many of our professionals continue to earn and receive renewal earnings for a lifetime, regardless of the future affiliation with Zeal/Family Heritage. Because of our products’ high renewal rate and the fact that vesting does not end at death, these earnings can provide an income stream to serve your future and that of your heirs.


Zeal representatives have the freedom of time and money to travel the US and the World, all while growing in their career. Zeal and its parent Family Heritage Life provide the opportunity for you to travel on multiple vacations every year. The best part…..the vacation is paid for! Zeal has sent their partners on over 15 vacations just in the last 4 years! A few are highlighted here.

Andy’s Story

Just some of the beautiful locales we’ve visited on the company dime:

Lisbon, Portugal — September 2014

Several of Zeal’s top producers and guests traveled to Portugal for a week of luxury on the beautiful Atlantic coast.  We stayed at the lavish 5 star Grand Real Villa Italia overlooking the Atlantic ocean, just minutes from downtown Cascais.  On this trip, we enjoyed amazing seafood, time with family and close friends, poolside and Oceanside luxury, bike rides through the historic streets of Lisbon and breathtaking tours of castles!  It was a trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to see where we will go next year!

Rome/Amalfi/Florence, Italy — September 2011 & October 2016

This was the trip of a lifetime! In 2011 Zeal treated the trip incentive winners and their guests to Rome and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast! In 2016 we had to go back to explore the West coast of Italy and Florence! Highlights of this experience included: Wine tours, The Vatican, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Cathedrals in Florence, Luxury Accommodations, Relaxation! We will be back!

Las Vegas, Nevada — December 2015

Zeal joined everyone from Family Heritage Life around the nation to sit back, relax and have a great time to celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments we made during 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada! We celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Omnia Night Club in Caesar’s Palace. We are so thankful that we were able to be a part of the celebrations in Las Vegas, and we are so proud of all our fellow FHL family members for their hard earned success throughout 2015!

Boston, MA — July 2015

Zeal headed to Boston MA for a mid-year celebration with our families! We started off the Fourth of July weekend with a dinner cruise on the “Spirit of Boston” where we traveled down the Boston Harbor. Dinner, dancing and fireworks made this July 4th a favorite for many! The next day we were able to attend a Red Sox Game followed by an amazing dinner. Monday, we were treated to a trip to Cape Cod, a beach party and a lobster bake! All the amazing things we were able to do made this trip one for the books!

South Beach Miami, FL — May 2016

Zeal treated 12 representatives and their spouses to 3 nights and 4 days of 5-star luxury and relaxation for their hard work in Q1, 2016. The trip winners stayed at the W-Hotel in the heart of the South Beach strip. The best part of this trip was – no agenda! !

Montego Bay, Jamaica — February 2014

Paradise in Montego Bay, JAMAICA MAN! The amazing achievers of this incentive spent 4 days at the Iberostar all-inclusive resort, just for maintaining consistent sales and recruiting in Q4 of 2013. Memories from this trip include: Sand volleyball, long walks on the beach, sun bathing, sailing, fine dining, laughter, relaxation, SCUBA and amazing time spent with the best of friends and family!

Lisa’s Story

Helping Others by Giving Back

At Zeal giving back is of the highest priority. We feel it’s our social responsibility to give back to those less fortunate in our local community and beyond. Zeal created a charity called Homeless Not Hopeless where every year we raise money to build and distribute care packages for the homeless in our local communities. Zeal is a frequent contributor to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help fund research and treatment for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Rekindle Your Competitive Spirit

At Zeal we encourage you to use your competitive spirit for the betterment of yourself and others around you. Many of our top leaders came from backgrounds in sports or other competitive activities and have a hard time finding something that allows them to re-live their past hunger for competition! We are constantly competing internally and with other agencies to be the very best we can be as an individual and as a team!

Paul’s Story
Nic’s Story

Personal / Professional Growth

We believe that in life and business if you aren’t growing you are dying. Most Zeal representatives did not come from a background related to our industry. We train and develop our professionals from the ground up. We offer a comprehensive and thorough professional development program that never ends. It begins with 4 days of career training in Sales Academy, providing our professionals the basic framework to be successful on day 1. Followed by hands on Field Training. Finally, we offer the opportunity for a lifetime of support and personal advancement through weekly Face-To-Face Seminars, weekly Virtual Training, and Bi-Annual National Leadership Conferences.

More Representative Bios

Want to learn more about the people of Zeal Financial Group? Check out the additional videos of Zeal’s elite representatives.  Each brings value brought over from their very unique and varying backgrounds.

Joel Jankowski

Zeal Market Director - 2 years
Background: Military & Insurance

Chelsea Browner

Zeal Director of Hiring – 4+ years
Background: Athletics

Spousal Bios & Perspective

We rely heavily on the support of family and our significant other to successfully “do what we do.”

Stefanie Zimny

Spouse of George Zimny

Gina Zimny

Spouse of Paul Zimny

Megan Burrell

Spouse of Nic Burrell
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