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Setting Up My Interview

Welcome to your Zeal Financial Group interview. We are excited to be meeting with you in the very near future. We anticipate that you are pursuing many options for your future. Your interview will be extremely beneficial for Us to get to know you, but in return we are just as eager for You to get to know Zeal. If offered a position with our company you will be coming in on the ground floor of explosive growth!

Step 1

After applying and submitting your resume (no resume – no problem) watch this short Position Overview video.┬áIt’s encouraged that you have something to take notes on and are located in a focused environment. If you have attended a live webinar then proceed directly to step 2.

Step 2

To prepare for your interview please watch this exciting video outlining the following: Promotion, Process, Pay

Step 3

It is our mission to give you clarity as to the position: expectations, opportunities, challenges and rewards. Action: Please watch these career bio videos to gain multiple “camera angles” from some of Zeal’s most successful market leaders.

Paul Zimny

Market Leader 5 Years, St. Louis, MO, Background: Accounting

Lisa Keating

Market Leader 2 Years, Salina, KS – Background: Nursing

Andrew Meier

Market Leader 6 Years, St. Louis, MO, Background: Sales

Matt Hester

Market Leader 3 Years, Cape Girardeau, MO, Background: Retail

Kevin Stanfield

Market Leader 13 Years, Kansas City, MO, Background: Insurance

Step 4

It’s time to meet! We will be reviewing your application questions shortly. Look for a call from a manager soon. If you have not applied, now is the time.

Take the first step. Apply now.